Pushkar Fair 2023 – Cultural Festival of Rajasthan

pushkar fair pushkar mela

Pushkar Fair 2023 is one of India’s largest Pushkar Camel Fair (Pushkar Mela 2023) is set to be held from (20 – 28 November, 2023) in Rajasthan, India. It is held every year in the Kartik month (Oct.-Nov.) locally called “Kartik Mela or Pushkar Mela”. Significance of Pushkar Fair Pushkar means “Blue Lotus Flower” of … Read more

Sair Fair of Himachal – History, Date, important events ?

sair fair or sayar mela of himachal pradesh India

Sair festival marks the end of the harvesting season and beginning of winters. Local people calls this by different names – sajja, sayar, jhoto ka mela, sankranti. It is famous for bullfights, wrestling and cultural events. This festival is celebrated in Arki, Solan of Himachal Pradesh, India. What is Sair Fair ? Sair fair is … Read more