Oktoberfest Germany 2024 – Must Visit

Oktoberfest (called “Wiesn” locally) is the world’s largest Volksfest (Germany beer festival) celebration that takes place every year in Theresienwiese, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Millions of people travel to attend Oktoberfest Germany 2024 Carnival, which runs from September 21 to October 6, 2024

Oktoberfest Germany 2024 Celebrations ?

Oktoberfest is an part of Bavarian culture where people come together with friends-relatives, go traditional (wear lederhosen-dirndl dresses), even visitors become part of Bavarian-Germans and enjoy most famous Oktoberfest Beer, traditional foods, amusement rides, games, sing, dance-music, attend parades, even when they lose energy – they take another mug of Beer and catch up with the crowd and say “Ein Prosit“. Everytime you join- you will get unforgettable Oktoberfest experiences.

Opening Time & Closing Time of Munich Oktoberfest 2024

The Stalls and Rides open at 12 AM until 12 PM on Inauguration Day, On Weekends and Public Holidays [Beer Tents] (Open at 9 AM  | With Last Drink Served at 10:30 PM & Closes at 11:30 PM). And During the other Week days  [Beer Tents] (Open at 10 AM | With Same Closing Time).

The Historic Oktoberfest “Oide Wiesn” is open daily from 10 AM until 11:30 PM.

Except Beer Tents like => “1.Käfer Wiesn-Schänke and 2.Kufflers Weinzelt” (stays open until 1 AM). Everyone rush there after clsoing of other beer tents, So to catch the spot in these tents reach around 10 PM.

Major Attractions of Oktoberfest Germany 2024

1. Opening Parade & Official Tapping of First Wooden Keg of Oktoberfest Beer

[Held on first day in morning around 11 AM]

The Traditional Costume Riflemen Parade of the fest begins with the Grand entry of Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries. But the 1st main thing is – Official Tapping (Offizieller Anstich) hosted in Schottenhamel-festhalle, where Munich’s Mayor beats a tap into the first wooden keg of Oktoberfest Beer.

And the Mayor shouts – “O’zapft is” (It’s tapped), Until this happens no beer is served in any Tents. Then a “12-gun salute” happens and now the Party is On for everyone.

2. Gay Sunday (Munich Lion’s Club) & Gay Day

On 1st Sunday – Munich gay group joins the Oktoberfest – they reserve the back of “Bräurosl Festzelt Tent” for the event. And everyone praises the Oktoberfest with the Mug of Beer.

On 2nd Monday – A gay-lesbian group gathers at “Fischer-Vroni Tent” (as Rosenmontag).

3. Live Music Bands-Dance

Around hundreds of Musicians (Italians and many famous Bands) join the Oktoberfest in every Tent and also at the Bavaria statue. Visitors Drink-Sing-Dance, have fun at many Rides.

4. Beer Tents-Beer Gardens-Traditional Food

The soul of Oktoberfest in Beer Tents (Massive Buildings) hosts thousands of visitors every day where people drink (Munich brewed beer), eat food, Dance on Live Music Bands, stand together and joy with the crowd. Beer gardens are also there with open sky if you feel anxious with so much crowd. Must try some Bavarian-German traditional cuisines served at Tents and stalls which you are gonna love.

5. Rides-Games

There are many fun activities which will not let you stop from one ride to another ride (Roller Coasters, Giant Ferris Wheels, Carousels, Amusement Rides, Fun Houses, Games, Stalls, Strong man game- Hau den Lukas) and much more.

Oktoberfest Germany 2024 Hidden Gems:

6. Devil’s Wheel (Teufelsrad)

Devil’s wheel is a rotating circular platform upon which (Girls/Boys) riders  sit. A group of girls or boys or both called by the Operators. It begins with spinning slowly and speed increases to make riders slide off the platform. Spectators stand around the platform cheer up, clap, sing and enjoy. Most of Men-Women dressed in their traditional Lederhosen-Dirndl dresses.

Whoever stays up to last – Wins.

Winners try to sit on the center point, where there is more chance to win. Also a Lasso [Rope Ball] introduced later, when riders do not slide down from the wheel, they are hit by a lasso ball which is [obvious soft cushion ball]. It’s one of the biggest attractions of Oktoberfest [largest Beer festival in Munich, Germany].

7. Oide Wiesn (Old Oktoberfest)

Get familiar joy of Oktoberfest-Bavarian-German olden days at Oide Wiesn (There vintage – carousels, german music-dance, strongman competitions, booths of trinkets).

You will not hold yourself and hop into the culture and will get experience some unforgettable memories.

How to travel to Oktoberfest Germany 2024 ?

There are 2 Airports in Munich [Main-> 1.Flughafen München, Far->2.Allgäu-Airport Memmingen] and from there :

You can take a taxi to City Center and use public transport to reach Theresienwiese which will cost you 10€-15€. Also you can book a taxi directly to festival ground Theresienwiese (Use an App to Book Taxi, But it will cost you more around 90€-100€). Also you can use public transport. It is well connected with Subway (line U4/U5), S-Bahn, U-Bahn.

theresienwiese oktoberfest 2024 map munich germany wiesn 2024 map
Theresienwiese Oktoberfest Germany 2024 Map | Wiesn 2024 Map

But the main thing is that you should book a Hotel (or Hostel room) near the Theresienwiese which is just walking nearby.


When is Munich Oktoberfest 2024 ?

Oktoberfest Germany 2024 will be held this year in Theresienwiese, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This year Oktoberfest Munich 2024 will run from September 21 to October 6, 2024.
Know More: https://festivler.com/festival/germany/oktoberfest/

What is Oktoberfest Germany 2024 ?

Oktoberfest (called “Wiesn” locally) is the world’s largest Volksfest (Germany beer festival) celebration that takes place every year in Theresienwiese, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Millions of people travel to attend Oktoberfest Germany 2024 Carnival, where people meet have german brew beer, music-dance, enjoy rides, carousels and much more.
Know More: https://festivler.com/festival/germany/oktoberfest/

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