Get Ready for Charming Anthurium Festival of Mizoram 2022

This year Anthurium Festival will be held at Reiek Tlang Tourist Resort, Mizoram on 14 & 15 October 2022. For 2 years it was held virtually due to covid-19 reasons, but this year Anthurium festival will be held with so much enthusiasm by Mizo people.

The festival is celebrated every year in late September or October in its peak season to promote the Anthurium flowers, which is hosted by the Tourism and Horticulture Department with support from the Central Government.

Why is the Anthurium Festival celebrated or the purpose of the festival ?

The festival is celebrated on the name of ‘Anthurium flower’ to promote it which is grown only in the state. The purpose of this charming festival is to encourage cultivation and enthralling Anthurium flowers and entice visitors towards the beauty of Mizoram.

The spirit of celebrating the festival rejuvenates the mind and the body. The festival also works on bringing together different tribes of Mizoram. And this festival is celebrated with so much pomp by Mizo people which display the rich Mizo culture, its customs and traditions of Mizoram nationally and internationally.

cheraw dance anthurium festival mizoram

What are the activities or attractions of the Anthurium festival ?

The festival is a showcase of the Anthurium flowers and enticing scenic beauty of Mizoram. Anthurium festival will be featured for 2 days on 14 & 15 October 2022.

Reasons you will love the Anthurium festival :

– Local folk Music, Dances, bands, handloom & handicrafts, cultural events, fashion shows and concerts are here to enjoy with.

– Cultural display of Mizo traditional dresses of different tribes, bamboo products, display of Anthurium flowers variety & anthurium varietal display and sold during the festival.

– Mizo local food cuisines in many different varieties which will drool you one to another dishes and Bon appetit.

– Also Zokhua live demonstration, Mizo indigenous games, adventure activities (ziplining, climbing, rifle shooting, archery) and Peace walk / running.

– The encounter with locals of Mizos, their traditional attire, lifestyle, hospitality and culture will overwhelm the visitors.

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Where does the Anthurium festival take place ?

The festival is held at Reiek Tlang Tourist Resort at the foothills of Reiek Mountain which is around 30 Kms away from the Aizawl capital city of Mizoram. The Reiek Tlang is a Mizo heritage village which attracts its Mountain greenery and its surrounding nature which gives peace to the tourists.

mizo dance anthurium festival mizoram

How to reach Reiek Tlang at the Anthurium festival ?

– By Air : The only Airport is ‘Lengpui domestic Airport’ in ‘Aizawl’ the capital of Mizoram. The distance from Airport to Reiek is around 40 Kms to reach the venue, so book a taxi or hire a reserved vehicle.

– By Train : The nearest station is ‘Bairabi Railway Station’ which is around 100 Kms away. From there you can find a bus or a vehicle.

-By Road : The capital Aizawl is well connected with Guwahati and other North-Eastern states which is just around 30 Kms away. You can find a route according to your nearest locality, just reach Aizawl and from there to Reiek.

Where to stay at Reiek in Mizoram?

To stay at Reiek there are many hotels and resorts to choose from budget to luxurious ones. To embrace the natural environment, stay at Reiek Tourist Resort. For more luxurious services search upon the internet.

mizo dance anthurium festival mizoram

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anthurium Festival ?

The Anthurium festival is the floral festival to promote cultivation of state and Mizor culture across the state. The Festival is celebrated every year in September or October in its peak season of Anthurium at Reiek village in Mountains, hosted by the Horticulture Department with State Tourism Department and with help from the Central Government.

When is the Anthurium Festival of Mizoram 2022 ?

The Anthurium festival will be celebrated on 14 & 15 October 2022 at Reiek Tlang Tourist Resort near Aizawl Mizoram by the Mizo ethnic people.

What is the traditional dress of Mizoram ?

The traditional dress or the most popular attire worn by Mizo women is “puan” (wrap around skirt), ‘puanchei’ and ‘kawrechi’ handmade dresses. A haversack is worn over the shoulder, bands of red and white patterns over the coat. The dresses can be worn by both men & women : ngotekherh, the hmaram and cyhna hno puan.

What is the famous dish and drink of Mizoram ?

The popular dish or food of Mizoram is ‘Bai’ made from boiling vegetables with bekang (fermented soybeans), pork served with rice. And ‘Sawhchiar’ (made of rice and pork or chicken), Vawksa Rep (smoked dried pork with herbs), Bamboo shoot fry (deep fried with hearbs, mushrooms and vegetables), Panch Phoran Tarka (its a non-vegetarian dish made of brinjal, pumpkins and potatoes). 

The famous drink is the ‘Zu’ (the local tea) served with every meal and ‘Labrusca / Lubrusca’ (grape wine) which is a favorite of the locals.

What is Mizoram famous for ?

Mizoram is famous for evergreen hills and dense bamboo jungles. There are many hills and waterfalls and many heritage sites famous in Mizoram like : 

– “Vantawng waterfalls” (Serchhip district)

– Mountain Biking in Hmuifang hill 

– Paragliding in Serchhip district

– Hiking in Murlen National Park (Champai district)

– Boating in Tam Dil (man made lake)

– Trekking in the Virgin forests, Blue Mountain National Park

– Caving in Khuangchera Puk (Ailawng near Reiek) and Heritage walk around Reiek village.

And many more places to visit.

Which language is spoken by Mizoram people ?

The Mizo language (or Mizo tawng) is spoken natively by Mizo people in Mizoram state of India. The language is also known as Duhlian and Lushai.

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