Charming Mopin Festival of Arunachal Pradesh

The Galo Tribe celebrates Mopin festival as a harvest festival at East-West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh, India on April 5, 2023 every year. Galo people perform rituals, sing, dance, have local drinks, food, and celebrate with gaiety and fervor during the Mopin festival and pray to the Goddess for bumper harvest.

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How the Galo Tribe Celebrates Mopin Festival 2023 of Arunachal Pradesh ?

The Galo people worship Goddess Mopin Ane (Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu religion) during Mopin festival days to protect them from any calamity and seek blessings for prosperity, good health, bumper harvest, peaceful life and ward off the evil spirits.

During Mopin festival Galo Tribe villages brighten up with traditional cultural dance and folk singing. Galo Tribe people wear traditional ethnic white dress, colorful beads, ornaments. The main part is Galo people smear rice flour paste on each other’s faces and wish “Happy Mopin”. Galo People and visitors have locally brewed rice wine called ‘Apong / Poka’ which is served in a bamboo cup, many local delicacies are served especially ‘Aamin’ (made of rice, meat, bamboo shoot). Visitors also join in with Galo locals, sing folk songs and perform Galo’s popular ‘Popir, Erap’ traditional folk dance and enjoy a great time together.

The festival comes to an end with the sacrifice of a Mithun (a bovine), by which Galo community people believe brings good fortune, bumper harvest and a prosperous new year.

galo tribe men traditional dress rice wine apong poka, dance, mithun sacrifice mopin festival arunachal pradesh

Major Attractions of Mopin Festival 2023

  1. Smear rice flour paste on faces.
  2. Many Traditional Cultural Dances and Folk Songs.
  3. Have locally brewed Rice Wine called ‘Apong / Poka’.
  4. Variety of local Veg & Non-Veg Cuisines are served like ‘Aamin’ (made of rice, meat and bamboo shoot) & many more.
  5. Dance with locals on elegant Galo’s Traditional Folk Dances “Popir, Erap”.
  6. Display of Galo’s Traditional White Ethnic White Dress, Beads, ornaments.
  7. Ritual of Sacrifice a Mithun (bovine).
  8. Many Cultural Activities are organized and people gather to celebrate Mopin Carnival.

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FAQs :

When is the Mopin Festival 2023 Date ?

The Mopin Festival 2023 of Arunachal Pradesh will be celebrated on April 5, 2023 in East and West Siang District by the Galo Tribe.

Why does Galo Celebrate Mopin Festival of Arunachal Pradesh ?

The Galo Tribe celebrate Mopin Festival to worship Goddess Mopin Ane (as Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Earth) for bumper harvest of crops, to bring good health, prosperity and ward off evil spirits, any natural calamity. Galo people perform many rituals, folk Dance, rhyme songs, have local drinks, food and enjoy time with family, community and visitors.

Galo Tribe vs Garo Tribe ?

The Galo Tribe is a central Eastern Himalayan Tribe found in East-West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, some are in Assam. Galo’s are descendants of Abo Tani and Galo Tribe usually speak Tani Galo language. The Garo Tribe is ethnic group that lives in Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, Nagaland and also in Bangladesh and the Garo community follow Christianity religion.

What is Galo Tribe Religion ?

The Galo Tribe’s religion is called ‘Donyi Polo’, in which Galo people worship Sun and the moon as their deity. 

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