How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World ?

christmas celebrations traditions around the world

Christmas day is celebrated around the world, many countries celebrate with weird & unique Christmas traditions. A month full of Happy Holidays (Christmas, New Year, Epiphany). The preparation for Christmas celebrations starts from “Advent” four weeks before Christmas on Sunday and go up to ‘Epiphany’ 12th day after Christmas on January 6. Christmas in Finland … Read more

Unique Christmas Traditions Around the World

unique weird christmas tarditions around the world

Christmas is celebrated around the world, countries have their own most unique & weird traditions, some are old and some created with time. The celebration start from Advent around 4 weeks before Christmas Day or from Saint Nicholas Day in some countries and celebrated until Epiphany January 6. 1. Giant Lantern festival, Philippines In the … Read more

Everything about Halloween 2022 – Traditions

happy halloween 2022, jack-o-lantern

Halloween 2022 is celebrated every year on October 31, just before the day All Saints Day (Hallowmas) on November 1. People with spooky spirits dress up in scary costumes, wear masks, even paint their face, become ghosts and witches, decorate their homes with pumpkins, spider webs, skeletons and enjoy fun parties, pranks on each other … Read more