What you see ?

Thousands of Devotees, kavadis, Pathayathira, Drums, Praying, Dance, Music.

carrying Paal (milk) in kudam (pitcher) on head to Lord Murugan shrines.

Paal Kudam

Devotees deck up in yellow dresses & bring pots filled with milk to offer Lord Murugan.

Many unusual enthralling sacrifices are made on Thaipoosam Day.

Piercing spikes through cheeks, tongues, backs of body (but no blood).

Devotees carry Kavadi (structure like Bow, decorated with flowers, feathers, pictures) to offer.


Devotees perform traditional dance on beats of Drums, carrying kavadi on shoulders & heads.

Kavadi Attam

Hindu Priest use Milk pots to perform Abhishegam of Lord Murugan.

Paal Abhishekam

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