Bean Bag Toss Game

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Its an fun loving game, to play with family and friends.

the Name Game

Its a fun game play with family & friends, write name of fictional characters on a note, stick to forehead.

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Turkey Balloon Shoot

Its a fun loving game for family member to play with kids.

get closer each other, have albums, old photographs, sit with parents, grand parents tell stories.

Share Old memories

spend some fun time with family, play soccer, many other games.


Break the Wishbone

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sit with family after having turkey, its a nice activity to play with family snapping a wishbone.


Its a good time to show kindness and teach children gratitude toward others.

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Bake some cake and cookies with kids, its a nice thing to create bond between food and kids.

Family Tree

Create a family tree, write names of each family members, how they relate to know better.

Kids Race

Its a fun potato sack race where kids run in a bag they fall & run again, who will reach the finish line.