Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi to Ganpati Visarjan all Rituals ?

Ganesh Chaturthi to Ganpati Visarjan is 10-day long festival celebrated by Hindu people all over the world (mostly in Maharashtra, India). According to Hindu calendar it is observed in the month of ‘Bhaadrapada’ (Bhado) which starts on “shukla chaturthi” i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi date falling on 19 September 2023 this year and Ganpati Visarjan (Anant Chaturdashi) ends on 28 September 2023.

This festival is spoken with different names like ‘Ganesha Habba’ in karnataka, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi or Chavithi and conclude with ‘Ganpati Visarjan‘. Devotees celebrate with so much excitement at home, with the community create pandals, celebrate with dance, music, colors and create rangoli.

ganpati bappa visarjan into river or sea 2022
Ganpati bappa morya, Agle baras tu jaldi aa

How Ganesh Chaturthi and Visarjan is celebrated with all rituals ?

Lord Ganesha Chaturthi celebrated with  4 main rituals :

1st ritual “pran pratishtha”

On 1st day of festival people bring clay idols of lord Ganesha to their home or under a large sacred tree called Bodhi (Bodhi fig tree or Bo tree or called “Tree of awakening”) and mostly outdoor place where community of people decorate a tent house (pandals) and place it there where everyone can pray or pay homage or worship.

But 1st Priests (or pandits) perform worship (aarti or puja) where hymns, mantras, chants and offerings are made to lord Ganesha and put life into a idol (This ritual is called “prana pratishthan“). And perform customs, to offer 21 or 101 modaks (sweet steam dumpling) and pooran poli to lord ganpati, considered his favorite food and then distributed to the devotees as prasad. And some ladies create ‘Gauri Ganpati Rangoli’ at home, temples and pandals.

2nd ritual “Shodashopachara puja”

First ‘Deep prajwalan’ (lighting the lamp) and ‘Sankalpa’ ritual performed then there are 16 different types of prayer begin.

Note All prayers performed with chanting of Puran Mantras.

  1. ”Avahana and Pratishthapan” (to invoke lord ganesha with mantra chanting).
  2. ”Asana Samarpan” (offer asana or seat and flowers).
  3. “Padya Samarpan” (offering water to wash feets).
  4. “Arghya Samarpan” (offer scented water).
  5. “Achamana” (purify the inner body by sipping some water).
  6. “Snana mantra” (first offering bath with water), “Panchamrita Snanam” (second bath with panchamrita [mix of milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar] ), “Payah / Dugdha snanam” (third bath with milk), “Dadhi snanam” (fourth bath with curd), “Ghrita snanam” (fifth bath with ghee), “Madhu snanam” (sixth bath with honey), “Sharkara snanam” (seventh bath with sugar), “Suvasita snanam” (eigth bath with scented oil), “Shuddhodaka snanam” (finally bath with pure water).
  7. “Vastra samarpan” (offer ‘moli’ a sacred thread) and “Uttariya samarpan” (offer new clothes for upper body).
  8. “Yajnopavita samarpan” (offer sacred thread ‘janeu’).
  9. “Gandha” (offer scent). 
  10. “Akshata” (offer unbroken rice). 
  11. “Pushpa mala” (offer garland of flowers), “Shami patra” (offer its type of green plant leaves), “Durvankur” (also type of leaflets of plant), “Sindoor” (offer vermilion color for tilak). 
  12. “Dhoop” (offer incense). 
  13. “Deep samarpan” (offer ‘deep’ lighting lamp). 
  14. “Naivedya nivedan” (everything offered become prasad), “Chandan karodvartan” (offer chandan mixed with water). 
  15. “Tambula samarpan” (offer paan with betel ‘leaves & nuts’), “Narikela samarpan” (offer coconut), “Dakshina samarpan” (offer gifts or money). 
  16. “Neerajan or Aarti” (perform aarti) and “Pushpanjali arpan” (offer flowers during aarti).

Now, Pradakshina (parikarma) – circumambulating Lord Ganesha in clockwise direction.

3rd ritual “Uttar puja (Uttaravahan)”

This ritual is performed just before the immersion of Lord Ganesh idol.

lord ganesh immersion, ganpati bappa idol visarjan nimajjanam 2022
Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti Morya

4th ritual “Ganpati Visarjan”

The final ritual where lord Ganesha immersion, in which idol is immersed into water, river or sea.

People carry the idols and some are so huge, pulling with chariots (carts) and shouting very loud “Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti Morya“. Streets are fully crowded with people everywhere dancing, music, dhol pathak, tasha and colours. Maharashtra’s famous dhol tasha events with huge processions are carried out on the last day of Ganpati visarjan which you must see with your eyes which can baffle anyone.

This festival is most popular and celebrated widely because lord ganesh is always 1st worshipped before the start of any work (or called ‘God of new beginnings’) by Hindu community anywhere and everywhere in the world.

History and its evolution with time ?

Lord Ganesha is known by many names (Ganpati, Ekdanta, Pillaiyar and Heramba).

There are many stories which mark the beginning of Ganesh Chaturthi (re-birth) and celebration in vedas and Puranas.

Story 1

Once Goddess Parvati was taking bath in the house and to guard the door she created an idol from clay and gave life to it. While guarding the door when Lord Shiva came home and he was denied to enter into. Then a tussle starts between them and Lord Shiva cut his head. After Goddess Parvati comes out and tells everything she created him, then Lord Shiva asks his ganas (attendants) to bring the head of the first living creature they see. And the first creature turned out to be an elephant’s head and was brought to Lord Shiva. And then Lord Shiva placed the elephant’s head on the body and gave life to it. And this way Lord Ganesh was reborn again.

Story 2

Once Devas and ganas in Hindu mythology asked God Shiva and Goddess Parvati to create a person which saves them from demons and makes their work easy. 

Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles) for Devas and Vighnakarta (creator of obstacles) for demons / rakshasas. Lord Ganesha is the most popular diety because he is the youngest son of lord shiva and Goddess parvati.

And to celebrate this festival in grand manner ‘Maratha leader Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’ began celebrations in Maharashtra to promote sentiments of nationalism.

Why Ganesh chaturthi, Visarjan is celebrated and its importance ?

This festival represents the cycle of birth (Ganesh chaturthi) and death (Ganesh Visarjan).

It is celebrated because it marks the rebirth of Lord Ganesha. During these 10 days believed that Lord Ganesha would grace the Earth and give fortune, prosperity, wisdom and happiness to his devotees. People worship lord ganesha to free their lives from sins and fulfill their wishes.

How many days Ganpati Sthapna (establishment of idol) and visarjan (or farewell ceremony) performed ?

People (devotees) can bring lord Ganesha’s idol for 1.5 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 10 days.

What you should and should not do after sthapna of lord Ganesha : 

1.Family members should avoid consuming garlic, onion, meat and alcohol during this 10 day festival.

2.Anything prepared ‘food or prasad’ it should be first offered to Lord Ganesha and remember he should not be left alone at home, one of the family members should always be there.

3.Anyone should avoid gambling, do not fight, or not use foul language or negative thoughts in presence of lord Ganesha, because he will take care of everything.

“Ganpati visarjan means Lord Ganesha’s idol immersion” in a river or sea. This takes place many times between 10 days but the main day is the last or concluding 10th day of festival (known as ‘Anant chaturdashi’). 

On the last day people come out in huge crowds on the roads and overwhelming processions took place carrying the idols and some of them are so huge which taken on rath (or chariot), if you see with your eyes you will be baffled, people perform immersion of their beloved God idols in river or water.

It is believed that after visarjan Lord Ganesha returns to Mount Kailash in Himalayas to his parents lord Shiva and mata Parvati.

After Ganpati sthapna and performing pooja (worship) Ganpati Visrajan took place on :

1. After 1 and half-day on 20th September

2. after 3 days on 21st September 

3. after 5 days on 23rd September

4. after 7 days on 25th September

5. finally 10th concluding day (called ‘Anant chaturdashi‘) on 28th September 2023.

“Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti Morya”

May the Lord Ganesha blesses you, Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles), Vikata (Always be happy and keep happy his surroundings).

When is Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 ?

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in month of Bhaadrapada (Bhado) of Hindu Calendar falls on “Shukla Chaturthi” on 19 September 2023 this year and ends with “Ganpati Visarjan” on 28 September 2023 celebrated 10-day long festival. Ganesha chaturthi will be observed on 19 September 2023

When is Ganpati Visarjan 2023 ?

The last day Ganpati Visarjan is on “Anant chaturdashi” date on 28 September 2023.

What Ganpati Chaturthi and Visarjan teaches us ?

The Ganpati God arrive annually as a family member, stays with them, leaves for his heavenly abode or home. It symbolises the cycle of re-birth and death.

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